Welcome to Ben Turley's website.

Ben Turley
I'm a DoP and lighting cameraman based in south London but shoot everywhere from Bangkok to Bermondsey, Manchester to Moscow and anything from documentaries to corporates to comedies to commercials.

I have a Sony PMW-F55 camera with an extensive kit of lenses, camera accessories, grip and lighting. This is a big chip camera capable of covering work from simple interviews to observational documentaries to commercials, dramas and features, shooting codecs from standard 50Mbit/s XDCam to 4k raw. I have stills lenses and an adapter for using conventional broadcast video lenses. For bigger shoots it can use PL mount cinema lenses.

Besides the F55, I have shot projects with most of the current cameras from Sony, Arri, Canon, RED, Panasonic and the likes of GoPro, Nikon and DJI.

I am also the author of LUTCalc, an App for generating, viewing and analysing LUTs for use in cinematic cameras such as the FS7/F5/F55 or for use in post software. It is available as a Mac OSX App on the Mac App Store, as a Chrome Desktop App on the Google Chrome Web Store and as a free online app at its homepage - lutcalc.net. The sourcecode is open and available at GitHub and the lutcalc.net site contains further information and video guides.

As a consequence of LUTCalc, I was asked by the Guild Of Television Cameramen's magazine - Zerb - to write an article explaining log filming to camera people. Now that it has been published, they have kindly allowed me to post a pdf copy of the article here: 'A Bit More Than You Ever Wanted To Know About Shooting Log'. I have also recently written an article about log recording for Definition Magazine.

My personal feeling is that the technical knowledge I have gained is a useful safety net, but when working as a lighting cameraman my concerns are in finding images which look good to me and tell the story required as best I can. It is also important that filming is as easy and comfortable for subjects and clients as I can make it.

I have built up a small group of really good, friendly sound recordists with whom I do most of my work and for larger jobs I can recommend excellent trusted assistants, jib operators, gaffers and sparks.

It is nearly twenty-five years since I started getting paid to assist (before that I often went along to shoots with my cameraman father on school holidays). I still love filming, experimenting, learning and meeting new people so if you are looking for a cameraman please, drop me a line.